Becky "Axel" Goebel

Specializing primarily in the motorcycle industry - Becky is a full-time journalist, content producer, event producer, brand ambassador, on-screen motorcyclist, entrepreneur, emcee, bike builder, and beyond.

Beckys experience has lead her to be featured on the cover of 5 magazines & published in over 30 publications including Marie Claire, VICE, EasyRiders, and HOG Magazine, appear in numerous television shows including CW's Riverdale and AMC's RIDE with Norman Reedus, appear in numerous music videos, and has taken her around the world to shoot brand campaigns in Europe, Mexico, Japan and more.

Becky is the first woman to complete a motorcycle as an Invited Builder for Born Free Show. Her bikes are available to be rented for shoots. Becky has 6 bikes available including a 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead Show Bike and the Harley Davidson Sportster used for Beyonce's Feature in British Vogue June 2022.

Becky is open to jobs including brand/product marketing, on-screen motorcycle riding, bike rental, writing, collaborative content creation and production in regards to events, campaigns, and anything marketing related in the motorcycle industry and beyond. 

Thanks for visiting. You can contact Becky HERE